Top 5 Tips: How to Maintain Your Law Firm’s Presence During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As you know, we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  All employees of Mendes Weed, LLP are working remotely with laptops our firm has provided.  On the one hand, we want to keep everyone safe. On the other hand, we need to make sure we are available to assist our clients with their very important, sometimes urgent needs, so working remotely is a great option for us right now.  This got us thinking, how do we maintain an office presence during this time while working remotely. We’ve brainstormed, and here are some ideas.  

1. Have Daily Meetings with an Office Manager or Supervisor

Our Office Manager is making sure to check in with staff every day.  Granted we have an amazing office manager we can rely on, but some of her methods can be used by all.  Our Office Manager has an office meeting at the same time every day via telephone or Zoom. She listens to concerns of attorneys and paralegals, makes sure everyone is on track to meet deadlines, and that everyone has the support and supplies they need.  Then, our office manager reports in a memo what was discussed to the Partners of the firm. This way there is a daily check in on productivity and moral support for all participants of the firm.  

2. Have a Weekly Virtual Meeting with Partners

At least once a week, we have an office meeting with everyone.  This is a great time to go over issues that come up and possible solutions, marketing ideas, and urgent client matters.  Just because we are working from home does not mean that we stop having our usual meetings. These meetings are important to the organization and efficiency of the firm.  We are able to set these meetings up virtually once a week and feel connected to our team.  

3. Write, Write, Write

It is only to be expected that some drop in work may happen.  Many of the courts are closed, matters are getting continued out, etc.  We are taking this time to write about issues we encounter in our practice that we have wanted to write about, but never have the time.  What could be more inspiring than having the time and freedom to write about areas of the law you are passionate about?

4. Work on Your Marketing Plan

With some extra time, why not work on your marketing plan?  Yes, even associates can have a marketing plan. Do you want to write more?  Network more? Volunteer more? Now is your chance to organize and create the work life you have always dreamed of.  

5. Virtual Happy Hour

When all else fails, organize a virtual happy hour on Zoom to keep the team connected.  You can even have a happy hour theme, such as a Hawaiian theme or sports theme. This New York Times article has some tips on how to have a successful virtual happy hour.  And this happy hour should be about team building, obviously, not work!  

We hope you have enjoyed these tips.  

Mendes Weed, LLP, is working remotely to assist clients at this time.  If you need help with tax law, estate planning, probate, family law, divorce, child custody or visitation, business law, civil litigation, or trust and estate litigation during this time, please feel free to reach out to us at (925) 390-3222 

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