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Considering a Modification in Custody? Be Realistic about Your Expectations and the Needs of Your Child or Children

  Modifications to a custody agreement make sense as the ages and needs of your children change. What might have been appropriate for a child at 2 may no longer make sense now that the child is a teenager. Likewise, changes to a parent’s job or living situation may also create the need to modify your custody agreement. Courts take modifications seriously.  If you want to be successful in making modifications to your current child…
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13 May By Webmaster | mendasweed

Can Your Child Support Payments Go Up?

Kid going to school
  So what does the law say on child support obligations in California?  The child’s best interest is the State’s number one priority.  Under Family Code 4053, the legislature laid out the position on child support, and the related analysis and bases. The code establishes that a parent’s primary obligation is to support their child(ren).  The obligation is a mutual one, applying to both parents, which establishes that support payments be based upon the parent’s…
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