1 April By Christina Weed | mendasweed

The 10 Most Litigated Cases in US Tax Court

federal tax court cases
  The Taxpayer Advocate issued a list of most litigated issues in tax court in a prior year.  These cases are: Accuracy Related Penalties Appeals from Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearings Please note: If you have received a notice of levy or lien and notice of your right to a CDP Hearing, it is important you do not miss the deadline to appeal, or you risk losing your right to appeal later. Summons Enforcement Do…
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29 September By Christina Weed | mendasweed

Representing Clients with Complex Tax Cases that Need to be Litigated in Court

worried couple reading a letter sitting on a couch in the living room at home
  As a tax attorney, I serve clients in California whose complicated tax cases require zealous advocacy against the IRS. Receiving a Notice of Deficiency When you receive a notice of deficiency indicating you have proposed tax liabilities, or notice of determination, you should meet with a tax lawyer to discuss important deadlines and what your rights are as a taxpayer. If you have received a notice of deficiency, you will want to go over…
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