16 January By Christina Weed | mendasweed

Income Tax Tips for the 2017 Tax Season

January is a traditional starting point for a bold new year and for many income tax payers, the perfect time to start preparing their documents for 2017 Income Tax filings. Having a list of Income Tax Tips may help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur by even the most well-intentioned tax preparer as well as ease the process. Consider these tax tips when preparing your 2017 Income Taxes. Make sure to report…
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28 December By Christina Weed | mendasweed

Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Set Up a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization as a Subsidiary of Your 501(c)(6)

As nonprofits grow in popularity, the number of Charitable Organizations, or 501(c)(3) organizations, is rising. A 501(c)(3) is a form on nonprofit that is ideal for fundraising, community and organizational support, education initiatives, and more. If you already have a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, you might want to open a subsidiary 501(c)(3) to maximize your nonprofit’s ability to benefit your organization’s goals. Why set up a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization as a subsidiary of your 501(c)(6)? Your chamber,…
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1 August By Christina Weed | mendasweed

Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Deducting Your Summer Vacation

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §162 is every business owner’s favorite Code Section. IRC §162 allows a deduction for ordinary and necessary[1] business expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business. IRC §162(a)(3) specifically provides for traveling expenses (including amounts expended for meals and lodging other than amounts which are not lavish or extravagant under the circumstances) while away from home in the pursuit of a trade or business.…
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10 March By Christina Weed | mendasweed

Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Free Filing Services

This article was written for Contra Costa Lawyer, a publication of the Contra Costa Bar Association. For taxpayers who have adjusted gross income (AGI) below $60,000, there are many free filing options for completing and filing a federal income tax return. (Fees for filing a state income tax return may apply.) Taxpayers may browse and compare free filing options here:http://apps.irs.gov/app/freeFile. For taxpayers who feel more comfortable obtaining tax preparation assistance in person… Click here for the full…
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