Child Custody Law Lafayette

Child Custody Law Lafayette

Mendes Weed, LLP specializes in Child Custody Law in Lafayette with the best attorneys and a successful track record. We create customized strategies for client to prevent child custody cases from getting complicated or expensive.

How To Claim Custody Over A Minor?

When you file for custody, you must try everything to present your side of the story to the judge. Single parents value physical child custody more than everything else. The following steps can help you claim custody over a minor:

  1. Speak With A Lawyer

A child custody rights attorney is your best bet to winning your custody case. They can reduce stress, help you attain a speedy case resolution, and avoid costly mistakes.

  1. Know The Child Custody Laws Active In Your State

You must familiarize yourself with the child custody laws in your state, even if you are working with an attorney. The more you know about the laws in your state, the better the outcome. List out your questions and discuss them with your lawyer before your next child custody hearing.

  1. Child Custody Hearing Tips

Most states have their child custody information available online. You can even print the forms online and save some time rather than going to the courthouse directly. 

Complete each form carefully and notarize your application, if required. Having an attorney will help with filing the child custody forms. You will then need to prepare for your court date and decide on what you really want to say. Writing out a list of the issues you want to address can help you share the important points with the judge during your court hearing.

How To Get Custody Rights?

Speak to a child custody professional to learn about your rights and the procedures involved in filing a custody case. Access the state’s custody resources, complete all necessary forms, and file them.

Educate yourself about the custody laws in your state. Prepare for your court date, attend the child custody hearing, and present your case. Remember to be patient throughout the process, as it can take several court appearances for the judge to settle the matter.

Reasons For A Mother To Lose Custody

As a mother, you should ensure you are not guilty of anything, as it can lead you to lose custody. A mother can lose custody of the child or children for committing any of the following transgressions:

  1. Child abuse – A mother who has physically or psychologically abused her children may lose custody of her children. 
  2. Violence at home – If the mother abuses other household members, she can lose custodial rights.
  3. Fabricating lies about abuse – Making false allegations of abuse against the other parent can lead to custody loss. 
  4. Serious neglect – Failing to provide for the child’s basic needs can prevent the court from granting you custody.
  5. Severe mental health issues – If the mother suffers from mental health issues, the court may deny custody rights, considering the mother’s psychiatric state can compromise the safety of the children.

Your ongoing online search for the rights of an illegitimate child’s father ends here. We comprehend how painful it can be to fight for your children. Call us at 925-390-3222 for a case evaluation with the #1 attorney for child custody law in Lafayette. Mendes Weed, LLP gives every case the attention it deserves and helps individuals receive a favorable outcome in custody cases. 

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