Aimee Morris is an attorney and a debt collector.  This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

The above sentence hails from the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.  Aimee Morris has been collecting debts from consumers her entire career, having served at debt collection law firms as the Chief Compliance Officer, for both the Federal and California’s Fair Debt Collections Practices Acts.

Consumers have legal protections to which collection attorneys must adhere.  Whether it is collection of medical debts, debts owed to financial institutions or debts owed to landlords, Aimee Morris has filed thousands of lawsuits in all of the Courts in the State of California, defended debt collectors in the Federal and State Courts in California, all the way to the Ninth Circuit, even filed Proofs of Claims and adversarial proceedings in the bankruptcy courts.

At Mendes Weed, we would like to help you collect your debts every step of the way

  • We send the consumers proper demand letters seeking payment of their debts by what is referred to by the FDCPA and California’s Rosenthal Act as validation notices.
  • Lacking a favorable response to the validation notice, filing, service, and prosecution of a lawsuit through judgment and beyond.

For those creditors with judgments, at Mendes Weed, we also assist our clients in the collection of those judgments.  Within ten years of entry of a judgment, that judgment, and each renewed judgment, can be renewed for successive ten-year periods.  If you need help collecting on your judgments, please contact us at Mendes Weed.

Please also review our article regarding the collection of Judgments:  Collection of Judgments.

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