Family Law Attorney Lafayette

Family Law Attorney Lafayette

Lisa J. Mendes at Mendes Weed, LLP is a top-rated family law attorney in Lafayette with several years of experience and the highest level of training. Lisa specializes in family law, divorce cases, wills, trusts, and estates. Lisa can help you with your legal doubts and queries and prevent unnecessary costs, fines, and other inconveniences in the future.

When To Hire A Family Attorney?

You should hire a family attorney if you feel the legal relationship between you and your partner is falling apart. Divorce and child custody lawyers deal with the most sensitive areas and conflicts in relationships. They are legal professionals who can help you find a resolution quickly and efficiently. You should hire a family attorney if: 

  1. You Are Ready To File For Divorce

Undergoing a divorce after several months of debating and trying to resolve issues with your spouse can make up for the most traumatic phases of your life. While it is a stressful process, hiring a divorce lawyer can make it less intimidating. A lawyer can walk you through the divorce proceedings, help you file the paperwork, and go through the negotiations with you. 

  1. You Face Child Custody Issues

Figuring out child custody agreements is an intricate and sensitive part of settling a divorce. While all parents want to spend maximum time with their children, hiring an attorney can help put an effective strategy in place. They will help you develop a plan to plead your case and receive a favorable outcome.

  1. You Need Child Support

A family practice lawyer will help you receive a reasonable child support payment to cover all expenses associated with caring for your children after a divorce. An attorney’s expertise can prove priceless when trying for a fair child support payment plan.

Besides, you should hire an attorney when setting up alimony payments. More importantly, if your marital relationship involves instances of domestic violence, you need a qualified attorney to represent you and help you find a fast resolution.

How To Keep Attorneys’ Fees Down?

Nobody likes hefty bills from the lawyer’s office at the end of a month. Family lawyers in LA charge anywhere from $100 to $400 per hour for divorce and family law cases. You may also find attorneys who charge as much as $1,000 per hour. 

Look for family law lawyers who charge a reasonable hourly rate for their services. To keep your legal bill under control:

  1. Consider whether you should sue in small claims court
  2. Look into mediation or arbitration
  3. Educate yourself about your legal matter
  4. Keep your phone calls brief with a family law firm and its attorneys
  5. Review your bills carefully

If you wish to dispute a charge with your attorney, do it sooner. If you feel your attorney is delving into an area that does not interest you, contact the attorney’s office immediately. 

Book a consultation with our leading family law attorney in Lafayette today. Reach us at 925-390-3222 to learn more about our legal services. Mendes Weed, LLP specializes in family law and civil litigation cases and saves clients from a ton of stress. Lisa J. Mendes is a fair negotiator and communicator and has excellent connections with other lawyers and judges in Lafayette.

Family Law Attorney Lafayette

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