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When children are involved, divorce, custody and visitation rights can become much more complicated. Even if a divorce ends amicably, the passage of time and changes in living situations can create some lasting scars. That is why it is important to speak with a skilled child custody attorney like the San Francisco based Mendes Weed law firm to create a child custody agreement that can withstand time and change. Your child custody lawyer will strive to create an agreement that both parents agree to before the case goes to court, but we are prepared to fight for you if we need to. Because of these complications, the San Francisco child custody lawyers at Mendes Weed, LLP believe that visitation rights and custody should be handled by a lawyer and that you must act quickly and decisively regarding child custody issues around a divorce.

Understanding what to expect from the San Francisco area child custody courts and agreeing on how to deal with children can make a divorce go much more smoothly.

Here are the common principles followed by Contra Costa courts when it comes to child custody:

  • The child comes first – The courts will always do what they feel is in the best interest of the child. With years of experience our child custody lawyers in San Francisco, Sacramento and Walnut Creek can help you evaluate if sole custody will work or if you can expect a joint custody judgment.
  • Both parents are responsible for the support of their children.
  • Physical or sexual abuse disqualifies anybody from getting custody of a child.
  • The child’s home must be stable and there should be some guarantee of continuity or no change in the status of the home.
  • The court will not want to separate siblings, nor will it be easy for a custodial parent to move away from the non-custodial parent.
  • A child’s wishes may be considered, but they must be old enough to voice their preferences.

As you consider how the courts will view your case, you should adopt some principles that will help your child deal with divorce, now and after your divorce is complete:

  • Always speak positively about your ex regardless of the situation. Your child still has a relationship with him or her and complaints and negative talk will frustrate them and perhaps alienate them from you.
  • Live up to your parental obligations, especially when it means showing up on time and spending time with your children. And if your ex does not live up to his or her obligations, don’t complain in front of the children.

Our services regarding child custody include:

  • Helping you learn how your unique case may be evaluated by Contra Costa judges.
  • You should understand and be ready to argue for a custody arrangement that makes sense, including the time and place of custody.
  • Do you need to change your custody agreement? If things have changed, we can help you modify your agreement.

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