Kids today are smarter than pre-fab costumes give them credit for.  Part of the fun of expressing yourself is actually MAKING the costume with bits and bobs from Goodwill, Michael’s, and items around the house. Making your own costume put your personal expression into your personal expression. The creativity shines through.

Here are a few ideas for Do It Yourself Halloween costumes for young women that will let them show off who they are, rather than be objectified in a crappy polyester frock.

  • Supreme Court Justice The US has three women sitting on the Supreme Court.  Justices Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor have broken ground and glass ceilings for girls everywhere.  What more empowering role is there than as one of the wisest and most powerful women on earth?  This costume is simple.  A black graduation gown from Goodwill, a lacey collar or scarf, and maybe a gavel for a prop.  Tight bun and dour expression are optional.

child in ruth bader ginsburg costume

  • Punk Rocker Halloween costumes are about personal expression, and so is the Punk scene.  Black leather, torn shirts, run tights, safety pins, pops of color, black nail polish, loud hair, a dash of 80s makeup, you know the drill. A short skirt and pare shoulders can work here as part of the authentic costume, not a tacky come-hither feature. The kids can have fun with this one, breaking all the dress code rules at school.

DIY Rocker Costume

  • Doctor The Naughty Nurse Stereotype is soooo 1959. Our kids do not need to indulge in the retro fantasies of middle-aged men. A doctor costume is an assertive look that puts her at the top of the medical food chain.  Lab coats and scrubs are plentiful at thrift shops, and props like a stethoscope or surgical mask enhance.  This can be taken to the macabre with splashes of fake blood.  And when some old-timer asks “Oh, are you a cute little nurse?”, it is totally OK for your daughter to reply “No, I’m a surgeon. Are you a nurse?”

Be a doctor

  • Zombie Hunter – There will be zombies stumbling the streets Halloween night, and who better to protect the little ghosts, pirates, ninjas, and princesses than an official zombie hunter?  This costume can be a mash-up of hunting gear, post-apocalyptic accessories, and comically dangerous-looking weapon props. Giant cartoony Nerf guns, crossbows, and axes are perfect. Your daughter has big brains that the zombies want to eat, and she can protect herself.

DIY Zombie Slayer Costume

  • Viking Warrior Archaeologists recently discovered that as many as half of the Norse warrior remains they had been studying were of female Vikings. Viking women were partners in defense and conquest. This costume has lots of room to play with props and accouterments.  Chain mail, helmets, shields, battle-ax, swords, braided hair, war paint, rugged boots.  But keep in mind that Viking women only wear bikini armor in stories written by horny men.

DIY Viking Woman Costume

There are plenty of pop-culture role models girls may want to be, and that you can find costumes for Katniss, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Hermione, Cleopatra. But part of the fun is creating a new character and costume from scratch.

A costume is a reflection of her imagination and aspirations.  If she wants to be an homage to an old-timey stewardess in a short skirt, that is OK; but let’s not put her in a miniskirt and call it “Sexy Airline Pilot”.

At the end of the day, any costume that your daughter creates and is comfortable wearing is a good one for her.  Don’t let a shabby store costume dampen her self esteem.  Let her self esteem blossom through creative expression in a costume she creates.

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