Getting married and planning for your future with your life partner is an exciting and romantic time. Planning for your future with a pre-marital agreement, while not as exciting and romantic, is something that you should consider equally important.

What is a Pre-Marital Agreement and Why Would I Consider One?

A pre-marital agreement is a legal document signed prior to marriage that establishes the assets, property, and or financial rights of a couple in the event of a divorce. Done properly, with the advice and guidance of a lawyer, a pre-marital agreement assures that each party leaves a marriage with the assets he or she entered the marriage.

People who sign a pre-marital agreement understand that the property and finances they own prior to getting married will be theirs in the event of a divorce. Similar to a business deal, a pre-marital agreement secures each partner’s current assets will not be divided or split if the marriage is terminated.

While a pre-marital agreement causes many to feel insecure or to doubt that a marriage might not work out, it also provides relief.  If you and your partner are open and aware of the future of your assets, you eliminate one of the biggest arguments in a marriage: finances.

In the event your marriage ends in divorce, you also eliminate the need to haggle over finances and who owns what, since you already considered that prior to your marriage. Another benefit is that it is easier to discuss these subjects when you are in love and working together as a team, rather than when you are frustrated with each other and going through the divorce process.

What to Include in a Pre-Marital Agreement?

While the law dictates what can and cannot be included in a pre-marital agreement, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney who specializes in pre-marital agreements.

Here are some common subject matters you may want to include in your pre-marital agreement:

  • Family property
  • Considerations for existing children from previous marriages
  • Retirement benefits
  • Property division to the surviving spouse
  • Financial decisions regarding purchases
  • Investments
  • Management of financial spending, including credit cards and bills
  • Allocation of support in the event of a divorce
  • Savings
  • Agreements pertaining to debt

 Consider Hiring an Attorney for Help with a Pre-Marital Agreement

While a pre-marital agreement may not be the right answer for everyone, it might be something to consider.  If you have questions or concerns, want a lawyer to look over your existing pre-marital agreement, or just want more information, visit our website.  Or feel free to contact us.

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