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In this initial, stressful phase you need to get all of your questions answered by a trusted divorce attorney as soon as possible.


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Why do I need a divorce attorney? Can’t I do this by myself?


A good divorce lawyer is one that has enough experience to see how the court will view your case, and be able to help you get the best possible situation for you once the last ruling is made. Mendes Weed has that experience.

It is possible for you to pursue your own divorce, and it’s easier when you both agree on things, have no children, and relatively few assets. But even with a simple, agreeable beginning, self-filers can make mistakes that become time-consuming and expensive to fix. A lawyer’s involvement up front is insurance against these expensive mistakes.

Divorce gets complicated for those who have a lot of wealth or complex assets to divide, like property or a business.

Child support and visitation rights can cause disagreements, and in many cases, as the divorce process progresses, even the most agreeable divorce can become what we call high-conflict.

A lawyer can shepherd you through the process and coach you should the proceedings become challenging down the road.

High Asset Divorces

All joint property will need to be inventoried and valued for the court. Some assets can be complicated to evaluate, like a business, trust, or certain investments. Mendes Weed, LLP has lawyers who are experts at evaluating these assets, and if necessary, can determine the tax consequences of the divorce.

Child Custody Issues

How you and your soon-to-be-ex manage raising children after the divorce will be a main focus of the court. Emotions can run high when discussing custody, child support, and visitation. Sometimes these issues can be affected by grandparents. Mendes Weed has helped many clients manage through these issues, and we are prepared to help you.

Litigation When You Need It

Litigating a divorce is not usually anyone’s first choice, but should you need to go, Mendes Weed, LLP can take you there.

Rest assured that we’ve seen lots of difficult cases based on financial issues, child sharing or support problems, and emotional, high-conflict divorces. In many cases, we can find a way around the problems, and our ability and experience in court sometimes helps us do that.

Your initial consultation. 

In your first consultation, your attorney will listen to your story and come to an understanding of your situation as you consider entering the divorce process.

When you leave your consultation, you will have a much clearer idea of what you are up against, and if your case presents any complexities for the court. You will have a good, high-level understanding of how your case will progress, what you will have to do, and what the timeframes will be for your divorce.


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