Personal Injury Lawyers Memphis

Personal Injury Lawyers Memphis

Personal injury encompasses various types of lawsuits and claims. Some of the data may stun you while opening your eyes for more information regarding your particular case. Porter Law Firm handles all genres of personal injuries without bias and ultimate professionalism.

Types of personal injuries

Motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents could involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, or hitting pedestrians. You have entitlement to compensation if you go an injury as a driver, passenger, or a walker. Our experienced attorneys ensure that you receive the right monetary allowance no matter the amount of harm. Moreover, the person alleged to cause an accident will receive the necessary legal protection throughout the process.

Medical malpractice

The corrupt medical practice could render severe physical injuries to the patient. Some of the different types of methods include the following:

  • Misdiagnosis of an illness
  • Wrong delivery of medication
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Errors with the pharmaceutical team
  • Injury during birth
  • Failure to diagnose any disease, such as cancer

These cases are routinely complicated and only get solutions with the help of skilled medical malpractice attorneys.

Wrongful death

This situation is a grave case of personal injury. It involves working a lawsuit of possible death due to the fault of another involved driver, medical caregiver, neglect by a nurse, construction accident, or a poisonous product. The compensation for this particular case will be undeniably different from other non-fatal incidents. The rightful family member or legally documented candidate for the inheritance will receive the specified amount had the deceased survived the injury.

Workplace accident

The Workers’ Compensation Act demands that employers give a reasonable cover for accidents at the workplace. The employee is under no obligation to submit a request compensation after an injury. The most common setups for accidents at the workplace include damaged flooring, poor lighting, removal of snow, and other ignored maintenance schemes.

The personal injury lawyers in Memphis will ensure that your employer gives you the right amount for a medical benefit and wages that cover temporary disability. The compensation attorney will work with the state’s legal environment to counteract possible pitfalls and obstacles.

Premises liability

As the name suggests, this injury happens in someone’s land. It can occur in any location and building type. Common premises liability accidents happen in commercial buildings such as the following:

  • Mall
  • Gas station
  • Retail store
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Grocery store
  • Neighbor’s property.
  • Animal bites from dogs and cats. The owner will be liable for their pet’s behavior.

You will have a better stand in the case if you have documentation of the accident with pictures, or willing witnesses at the scene. Porters Law Firm will protect your rights and resources during the process.

Liability of products

Defective products that lack the proper documentation can cause severe injuries around the home. Harmful products could be anything within the home. The standard categories include the following:

  • Food
  • Drugs
  • Children’s chewable toys
  • Vehicle parts
  • Medical devices

Do not dismiss any abnormalities with a product because some have caused death or severe lifelong illnesses. Consult personal injury lawyers in Memphis for affordable rates and a workable timeline of the case’s execution.





Personal Injury Lawyers Memphis

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Personal Injury Lawyers Memphis

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