At Mendes Weed, we want to make it easy for landlords to comply with the current law.  Rent Caps are now State Law, and Landlords are required to comply with the law by providing their tenants written notices and obtaining tenant signatures on the notices.  Take two copies of the notices to the tenant(s).  Have the tenant sign both copies so that there are duplicate originals. The tenant will receive one copy and the landlord another fully signed copy. The landlord should maintain a signed notice in the tenant’s files

We are attaching such a notice to this article.  Landlords with a preexisting lease need to obtain their tenant(s)’s signatures on the attached prior to August 1, 2020.  All new leases entered into with tenant(s) should also have this language either within the lease or as an addendum.  For all such notices, the landlords must use a font that is no smaller than 12 points.

Should a landlord ever decide to raise the rent or evict a tenant, the landlord should expect the tenant to offer defenses to such rental increases or eviction based upon a landlord’s failure to obtain signed copies of such notices from their tenant(s).  The text of that notice can be found below.


California law limits the amount your rent can be increased.  See Section 1947.12 of the Civil Code for more information.  California law also provides that after all of the tenants have continuously and lawfully occupied the property for 12 months or more or at least one of the tenants has continuously and lawfully occupied the property for 24 months or more, a landlord must provide a statement of cause in any notice to terminate a tenancy.  See section 1946.2 of the Civil Code for more information.

As a tenant, I am signing that I have received this Addendum to my Lease Agreement and Notice of State-Mandated Rent Control from my Landlord, __________________ (name).

Dated:_____________    Signature:  _____________________________________  Name of Tenant:_____________________________________

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