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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs)

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, or DVROs, is a special type of restraining order that helps protect you from further harm from spouses or domestic partners.

Some basic facts about DVRO’s:

  • You must have lived with the subject to qualify for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.
  • They are often needed and requested during a contentious divorce.
  • Terms are for 1, 2, or 3 years.  It’s not easy to get one for a longer term.
  • If there is a child involved, most people try to include the child as part of the restraining order, but unless the child has experienced violence or is deemed to be in danger, this is also hard to achieve.
  • Violence is proved by evidence, and credibility is important. Evidence can include photos, police reports, medical providers. Violence includes person and property.
  • Temporary restraining orders are obtained first, followed by a hearing, where the DVRO can be obtained.
  • Temporary restraining orders can be granted in 24 hours.

If you are a candidate for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, don’t waste time. Contact the offices of Mendes Weed, LLP and we will get working on it immediately.


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