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Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

If you believe there is a risk that someone is facing imminent danger, call 911.

You can request an elder abuse or dependent adult restraining order.  You qualify for an elder abuse restraining order if you are 65 or older (or a dependent adult) and you have been physically, financially, mentally, or emotionally abused, neglected, abandoned or abducted, isolated, or deprived of necessities by a caregiver.

If you qualify, and if you believe you, or a loved one, needs an elder abuse restraining order, an attorney can assist you in obtaining one.

You will need to prepare, file, and serve your pleadings.  Your lawyer can appear at the hearing with you if you would like.  After your hearing, you will need properly serve the order on the restrained person and complete a confidential CLETS information form.

Some of the process can be confusing and stressful, but your lawyer can make it easier for you.  It is important to protect yourself, or your loved one, from further harm, and obtaining an elder abuse restraining order can be an important step in that process.

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