Make Time During the Holidays to Discuss Estate Planning with Your Family

Make Time During the Holidays to Discuss Estate Planning with Your Family

While the typical holiday get-together includes great food, a gathering of those we love the most, and festivity, it’s also a perfect time to discuss Estate Planning.

Chances are, the members of your family are all present, which provides an opportune moment for everyone to communicate their needs and wishes for assets. When you document detailed instructions in an Estate Plan in the event you die or become incapacitated, you are avoiding any stress or confusion when the time comes. Your wishes will be fulfilled and your family will have advance knowledge when the time comes.

Creating an Effective Estate Plan

A trust and estate planning attorney can help you prepare or review how your estate and assets will be managed after your death. Estate plans can also include your end of life care requests so that family members know your wishes.

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How to Ease into a Discussion about Estate Planning with Your Elderly Parents

It’s not always easy to discuss after-life care with your elderly parents.  The holidays are no exception. But with the tips and techniques we have provided in our blog, How to Properly and Carefully Assist the Elderly with Their Estate Planning, you may find that now is the best time to talk.

Tips to an Effective Holiday Estate Planning Meeting

Consider these helpful tips when discussing your end-of-life plan:

  • Tell everyone what you want to discuss and why, but only if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Set a time and day when all the family can be included. Consider face-timing family who cannot be there.
  • Distract younger individuals who may not understand or who might be scared and confused. Consider having an older cousin or friend take them out for the duration of the meeting.
  • Consider what other family members may hold as sentimental to help you divide your assets.
  • Keep the meeting light and brief and thank all members.
  • Transition into something meaningful and fun after the meeting to offset what could be a heavy tone.

For Help with Estate Planning, Contact Mendes Weed, LLP

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Disclaimer: The tips and materials provided on this page are for informational purposes only, offered as public service. No information on this website should be considered legal advice or used as a substitute for legal advice. For legal advice, you should contact an attorney directly.



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