Tax attorney Walnut Creek

Tax attorney Walnut Creek

The services rendered by a tax attorney in Walnut Creek can be invaluable, especially when it is that time of the year to file your tax return. Mendes Weed, LLP, has the most experienced and highly skilled tax attorneys with numerous positive reviews. You need a top-rated tax lawyer if:

  1. Your Tax Situation Is Complicated

If you have an inheritance, a piece of land outside the country, gotten divorced, or adopted a child, you should hire an accountant to guide you on how to file your taxes correctly. Complex tax situations require a legal perspective and can help you save money down the line. Working with one of the top-rated California attorneys can help you assess your tax situation correctly from the start, protect you from facing penalties, and save you from a ton of stress.

  1. You And/Or Your Spouse Have Started A Business

If your spouse runs their own business, your tax filing situation changes completely. In such cases, a tax law attorney can guide you with setting up a business, recommend ways to manage depreciation, and recoup the investment quickly. An experienced tax attorney can be invaluable to those running a business. More importantly, an attorney can help you set up your enterprise from scratch, reduce your tax burden, keep you safe from legal trouble, and protect your business from paying penalties and interest in the long run.

  1. You Owe Back Taxes

Individuals who are not abreast with tax payments can benefit from working with tax lawyers and law firms. The IRS offers easy monthly payment options to qualified individuals who are not up to date with their federal taxes. An attorney can help you see the different payment options the state and federal tax offices offer and handle the situation efficiently.

However, if you cannot catch up in fewer than 120 days through an automatic withdrawal plan or the amount is too high, you should hire a tax attorney. Also, if you need some guidance or confirmation to reassure you that you are doing things correctly, working with business estate and tax attorneys can provide you with peace of mind.

A tax lawyer can create a formal agreement that works best for you. Tax lawyers work out a deal where their clients pay less in back taxes, penalties, and interest. Also, if you need to work out a compromise with the IRS, getting help from an experienced professional may be in your best interest.

  1. You’re Being Audited

When you know that the IRS is auditing you, it can be a scary feeling. It’s even more frightening to realize that you are unsure how you filed your tax return or paid your taxes. While an audit does not necessarily mean you have committed a mistake, it still means the IRS wants to review your tax records. You must work with a qualified tax lawyer if you are getting audited.

Call 925-390-3222 today to book a free consultation with Christian Weed, the #1 tax attorney in Walnut Creek. Mendes Weed, LLP can guide you with your tax filing process and prevent problems in the future. Our tax attorneys can help you arrange your finances, optimize tax situations, comply with tax rules, and handle disputes with the IRS. Get in touch with us today.

Tax attorney Walnut Creek

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Tax attorney Walnut Creek

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