March 13, 2017

[Video] Why Hire a Tax Lawyer vs. a CPA or Accountant?

1. The Right of Attorney-Client Privilege

All communication with your attorney will remain confidential. Many people do not realize that there is no CPA-Client, or Accountant-Client privilege all communications with your accountant are subject to disclosure if your case proceeds to court.

2. Training & Skill in the Law

Lawyers have the training and skills necessary to analyze and understand the law. This training ensures that lawyers are also best able to  help their clients understand the law, so that they can understand why suggested actions are taken.

3. Communicate & Advocate with Taxing Agencies

Lawyers are trained at advocating for their clients and they are the best position to communicate with the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or other taxing agencies, where communication is vital in helping move your case forward.

With their in-depth training of the law, their ability to advocate for clients and the right of Attorney-Client Privilege, it’s no wonder that sometimes the best solution is to seek advice and help from a Taw Lawyer. If you have tax related questions, contact Christina Weed today, to help bring a resolution to your tax matters.

Christina Weed is a Tax Attorney serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout California, and nationwide. Her dedicated experience with IRS Business Tax Law, Trusts & Estates, and Business Formation Law provides a unique value to her clients. Give Christina a call today!

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