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Tax Litigation

Have you received a Notice of Deficiency or recently begun a tax dispute with the IRS?

Going up against the IRS in tax litigation is intimidating for most taxpayers. Depending on the situation, a case can drag on and require constant vigilance on the part of your tax attorney. The Law Offices of Christina Weed, PC serves as your dedicated resource for tax litigation. In the case that your tax controversy is not resolved in administration, we will fight for your best interests.

Step into the U.S. Tax Court with confidence.

If your case involves deficiency litigation, you will go before the U.S. Tax Court. Whether your case involves income, gifts, estate tax, property tax, or another tax issue, we can work to find the best route to make IRS tax laws work for your interests. Our comprehensive experience with IRS audits, appeals, trials with the U.S. Tax Court, and other litigation means that we can see your case from all angles.

Choosing the right tax court can alter the ruling.

If your case involves a refund, you may go before Federal Claims or a U.S. District Court. These tax courts cover different types of cases, but have many of the same proceedings. It is crucial that you take your case before the right court when dealing with the IRS.

Hire Mendes Weed, LLP and ensure that you have the best possible representation. We can guide you through the tax litigation process, no matter what your current situation is, and work alongside you with confidence before the IRS. Get in touch today.


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