At Mendes Weed, LLP, we represent individuals, businesses and tax preparers who may be under criminal investigation by the IRS or the US Department of Justice.

If you believe you may be the subject of an investigation, you should meet with a tax lawyer right away.

Why it’s Important to Seek Legal Counsel

  • Some civil cases have the possibility of being referred to the Criminal Investigation Division.
  • Failures to disclose certain foreign assets also have the possibility of referral to the Criminal Investigation Division.
  • A lawyer can discuss the various possibilities of where your case can go, present your best options, and the possible outcomes.
  • You can gain peace of mind knowing you are in good hands and that someone will monitor and stay on top of your case for you.
  • A lawyer can further assist and guide you if your case does escalate to a criminal matter

Consult Mendes Weed, LLP

Being under criminal investigation or even civil audit can be very stressful and anxiety provoking if you are not familiar with tax law and procedures. Although we hope you never encounter this situation, we hope you will reach out to us if you do. We will gladly discuss your questions with you and hopefully put your mind at ease as much as possible.

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