Estate Planning

The real purpose of Estate Planning is to provide for the care of your loved ones.


A proper Estate Plan will all you to:


  • Manage your estate to prepare for the disposition of their assets at the end of their lives,
  • Reduce the costs and taxes when their estates are settled,
  • Create a plan that avoids the time, expense, and public process of probate.
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The lawyers at Mendes Weed, LLP have years of helping clients develop Estate plans, and as Tax Attorneys, they bring additional expertise to develop plans particularly designed to minimize taxes, especially where business and complex assets are involved.

Estate Planning and Trust Law

Trusts, estate plans, and wills require careful consideration to protect you and your family’s future. We are focused on your well-being and our Walnut Creek trust law and estate planning team will always serve as a persistent advocate for you and your family’s goals.

As laws change and your family’s needs develop, you may find yourself in trust or estate planning litigation, an often overwhelming or stressful process that is much easier with a skilled trust law experts in the San Francisco Bay Area on your side. We have experience working with familiestrusts, wills, and assets in litigation, and advocating for your rights.

Trust Setup

Your success deserves a secure future. We have the experience required to ensure that your estate plan, trust, or business succession plan fits you and your family’s unique needs.

After your trust, will, or other agreements are established, we are available to meet with you annually to review your estate planning options and ensure that the plan is still working for you as effectively as possible.

Trust Administration / Probate

Probate lawyer services for San Francisco, Sacramento and Walnut Creek covers a range of needs when carrying out the wishes of your family member. We review the will, trust, or estate plan, and work with California state and federal trust laws to ensure that your family member’s intentions are the top priority when distributing assets.

Conflicts and complications can arise, and our trust law and estate planning attorneys have the solutions. When trusts that were created in the past have now become stale, or there are conflicts in interpretation, we serve your family with dedication to a final resolution that you are satisfied with.

Trustee Advising

When considering how your trust affects you and your family, we are your rigorous, committed consultants. We help trustees in the San Francisco Bay area with estate planning and trust law services which help you stay informed and offer clear insight into any complications or concerns.

We engage with the unique complexity of your situation and ensure that your trust is being administered in a way that best serves your family.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Law changes and unanticipated complications can arise with trusts, but taking care of your trust should not become an overwhelming part of your life. When problems arise, it is crucial to act quickly to help keep costs from ballooning. Mendes Weed, LLP’s probate lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area diligently works to protect your rights and ensure your trust according to its original intentions.

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Estate Planning After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Estate Planning After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The new tax laws increased the estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer (GST) exemptions to $11.2 million in 2018.  The annual gift exclusion has been increased to $15,000 in 2018. It is still very important to plan even with the new tax laws.  The tax laws...

[Video] Estate Planning for the Blended Family It is very common for clients to come to me regarding their estate plans when they have blended family issues.  Blended families are not only the result of divorce.  Many individuals live longer now and may want to remarry if they outlive...

[Video] Revoking a California Will or Trust In California, a will can be revoked by a new will that specifically revokes the old one, or by destroying the will by physical act.  A physical act can include burning, tearing, canceling, obliterating or destroying the...

[Video] When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

[Video] When Should I Update My Estate Plan? When Do You Need to Update Your Estate Plan? Any time you undergo a significant life event such as: Marriage First Marriage- In California, your spouse does not receive 100% of your estate under the laws of intestate succession; specify...

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